Spandan is a Sanskrit word. It means vibrations or pulsating sub consciousness. No one can ignore the signs of the time - rapid, accelerated climate change - for we are all connected in the web of life. "Sarvam Ekam" and "Satyam Ekam" are seeds planted by our Rishis - often lying dormant in the hustle & bustle of city life, where we get washed away in the illusionary currents of energy, goods and services that shape our lives.

Spandan offers an experiential re-connection with the pulses or vibrations of nature in all her pristine glory that will help birth a new orientation in your life.

Spandan is the school of the future, connecting young minds to each other and nature; transforming & being transformed, with an emerging consciousness that transcends barriers of borders, continents, cultures & language.

Spandan Eco Camp for Schools

Spandan organizes eco camps targeted at students to increase and enhance their ecological awareness, through experiential & outdoor learning initiatives. Situated in a pristine 500 acre forest in Panchgani with all facilities, the camp expands education, going beyond class room learning.

The learning at SEF can be taken further in sync with the school syllabi. Read More